With over 20 years of experience, India based Research and Development organization (Kadamba), has developed highly advanced Green Nanotechnology and other disruptive innovations in Nano-Phytomedicines, Nano Cosmetics, Functional Foods, Solutions for Sustainable Green Energy, and a Myriad of Highly-Sophasticated Products.


  • Cocktails of medicinal plant extracts intelligently blended for the creation of nano particles 10 -9(nano meters) is the core of our avant-garde Green Nano Technology. It is a new age and advanced way of synthesizing environmental-friendly Green Nano Particles
  • These are patented and proprietary technologies from the University of Missouri and Kadamba
  • This scientifically established technique can generate a wide range of Applications in... Nano-Phytomedicine, Cosmetics and plays a Key role in the development of futuristic functional foods and functional beverages.This Technology is also is an integral part of generating sustainable green energy, and related innovations.


To bring a paradigm shift for global wellness by creating futuristic life science products based on the ancient wisdom of phytomedicines, advanced functional foods, functional beverages and the production of green energy all by using green technologies. The entire process & production Processes Avoid the use of any toxic chemicals & sans any toxic industrial emissions.Our Philosophy strides into a better life buttressed by ever evolving responsible advances in 100% green technologies.


Unequivocal commitment to Green Synthesisation of Nanomaterials with unceasing deeply committed efforts ensuring sustainable environmental practices, developing bespoke scientific advances creating trailblazing progress in Green Technologies and
the wide application thereof in industries ensuring advanced product development with the elegance of simplicity in its application for
global industry and
life science applications.


Why Kadamba ?

Kadamba is The First Global Company to embrace the highly sophisticated green nano technology.

Kadamba is the world’s first “Net zero carbon” company in functionalized nanomaterial productions.

First time in the world, Kadamba has adopted “Green Label” & “Zero Chemical” policy in our entire products development process in the space of Green Nano Sciences.

Kadamba is the World’s Pioneering Company to develop varieties of green nano particles to use as carrier for Enhancing the Functional effects in our products such as…Neergel, Ketone, Functional Food and Functional Beverage products and more.

Kadamba is the Global First Company to develop varieties of green nano particles for industry specific requirements.