Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is the science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale (10-9 meters) . Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a near-atomic scale to produce unprecedented innovations through new structure, materials and devices. At the nanoscale properties of various metals (Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium, Iron oxide… etc) change dramatically and become more useful for applications in medicine, electronics, in energy production and in agriculture. Therefore, nanotechnology promises scientific advancement in many sectors such as medicine, consumer products, energy, agriculture, nano fabrication and innovative production approaches.

There are several methods for creating nanoparticles, including coprecipitation, hydrothermal synthesis, inert gas condensation, ion sputtering scattering, microemulsion, treatment with microwaves pulse laser ablation, sol-gel, sono-chemical, spark discharge and template synthesis. Kadamba's technology is unique because we embrace India's wisdom approach embraced science based on ancient wisdom of India thus developing the process of “Green Nanotechnology"

Green Nano Technology

  • Genesis of our Green nanotechnology approach involves discovery of various antioxidant rich phytochemicals, from the 'Plant Kingdom' as electron reservoirs for the creation of nanoparticles.
  • This approach creates tiny nano-scopic particles 10-9 meters encapsulated with cocktails of phytochemicals.
  • This futuristic technology which allows effective encapsulation of medically and nutritionally relevant phytochemicals on nanoparticle surfaces allows the creation of 100% natural Nano ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics and functional foods.

Advantages of green synthesis

  • The green synthetic routes are environment friendly, nontoxic, robust, and easy to manage.
  • In comparison to the green process, the otherwise used physical and chemical processes utilize a lot of energy and use dangerous and highly health hazardous chemicals.
  • Green Nanotechnology eliminates toxic waste and reduces energy consumption.

Importance of Green Nanotechnology

The World Health Organization (WHO) has forecasted that over 85% of the global population will soon seek holistic approaches for health care needs. Therefore, there is an increased emphasis in developing future medical, hygiene and food products using holistic approaches. Plant based green nanotechnology processes are at the focal point of green discoveries from Kadamba.

It has been estimated that over 85% of all future materials, drugs and pharmaceutical processes will utilize as its core structure Green Nanotechnology in their production and formulation processes.

The economic impacts of Green Nanotechnology are huge because such nanomaterials are embedded in a plethora of products with a wide spectrum of applications including medicine, hygiene, smart foods, automotives, alternate energy, tele-communications, environmental restoration, and for defence applications.

Kadamba and its team of interdisciplinary scientists from various global locations have created innovative Green Nanotechnology approaches for the development of health and hygiene products for global needs.

Rationale for Green Processes and Green Nanotechnology

As the nanotechnology revolution unfolds to unleash its power on our day to day lives, the environmental impacts of various technological production processes and finished products, that are embedded with a wide spectrum of nanoparticles, must be addressed right at the time of inception. Green Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary rapidly developing knowledge base at the interface of chemistry, physics, medical, engineering and biological fields. Green Nano technological processes and products will help the global corporate sectors immensely because of their applications in the design of new products that are made from more eco-friendly materials including plants, crops, various phytochemicals and phyto-constructs, using processes that use less energy and generate less waste throughout the product lifecycle.

There is spawning fundamental and mission-oriented research, in both academia and industry globally, toward applications of 100% ‘Green’ Nanotechnologies for the design and development of nanoparticles which in turn make their way into the design and development of ‘smart foods’, lifesaving nano- pharmaceuticals, and hygiene related applications.

The sound economic models for hefty profits for the industrial corporations and prospective investors and their ability to perpetuate future Green Nanotechnologies have created great niche for policy makers for future industrial and technological expansions.

Scope of technology

Nano Nutraceuticals
Functional food & beverages
Beauty Nutrition
Old age nutrition
Child nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Medical dietary supplements
Natural preservatives

Ayurvedic Anti-biotics
Ayush Ahaar
Smart Anti-Oxidants
Immuno-modulatory Solutions
Ayush Beverages
Many more…

Green anti-oxidants
Solutions for Anti- Infectious diseases
Cancer theragnostics
Parasitic diseases
Immunomodulatory activation
Macrophage activation

Anti-aging products
Skin care products
Anti-Acne products
Anti- Dandruff Products
Hair care products
Anti-bacterial shampoos & Soaps
Rejuvenating Face Masks

Hand Sanitizers
Mouth wash
Mouth spray
Women care products

Textile Disinfectant
Air Disinfectants
Floor cleaner
Hospital Disinfectant
Anti-bacterial Adhesives

Medical textiles
Sports Textiles
Advanced Sanitary pads
Anti-Bacterial Socks / Gloves
Anti-Bacterial inner wears

Smart & Green Pesticides
Nano encapsulated Fertilizers
Nano micro nutrients
Nano growth promoters

Specialty of Kadamba Green Nano Technology


Advanced technology innovations from internationally reputed nano experts .

Cutting edge innovations .

Standardized Reproducibility .

Quality Assured Nano Particles with defined specifications .

Product properties defined as per final requirement .

Encapsulated with various Phyto chemicals .

Enhanced stability and robust shelf-life .

Scalability with no limitation in production capacity .


Kadamba Green Technology Other NanoTechnologies
100% Biocompatible nanoparticles Not bio compatible
100% Natural Product Chemically synthesized
100% Water-soluble Soluble in organic media
100% Carbon free production Emit toxic substances during production
Scalability, No limitation Scalability yet to be proven
Green antioxidant Almost all the antioxidants are chemical molecules
100% Gluten Free Not mentioned

Neergel Technology

Hydrogels are three-dimensional networks of polymer chains that swell , but do not dissolve (in the short term) , in water . The development of hydrogels began over 60 years ago as attractive materials for biomedical applications. Their swelling properties are due to the high thermodynamic affinity this class of materials exhibit toward water. These polymeric networks reach equilibrium with water for shape and mechanical strength. Changes in concentration, structure and/or functionality of monomers and/or cross-linking agents used in such gels can change properties dramatically. Kadamba is developing cutting edge hydrogel technologies to develop gel-based products for use in medicine cosmetics, environmental and engineering fields.

Innovative Kadamba Hydrogel Technology

Kadamba Hydrogel Technology is a revolutionary concept of converting water into gel by using various phyto materials and a myriad of other materials of natural origin through holistic intervention of green nanotechnology. Kadamba's range of hydrogel products include cosmetics, wound care and in biomedical engineering. Kadamba’s comprehensive hydrogel technology encompasses wide scope of applications in life sciences. Kadamba has developed cutting-edge hydrogel technology in collaboration with globally renowned scientists from various research organizations from across the world.

Distinctive Features of Kadamba's Hydrogel Technolgy :

Kadamba Hydrogels comprise of 95% water

100% biocompatible and biodegradable for comprehensive applications in Life Sciences .

The formulation of Kadamba's hydrogel involves application of sophisticated green nanotechnology and advanced gel technologies all using natural ingredients in aqueous media .

Customized for health care and cosmetics applications .

Hydrogels are soft and paliable but strong to allow easy manipulation .

Modulated to allow fast release of antibiotic and therapeutic nanoparticles .

Hydrogel-Based Cosmetics

Kadamba has emerged as a pioneer in functional hydrogels for cosmetics applications. Medical and cosmetic efficiency and safety are achieved by the high-water content(95%) and through release of gold and silver nanoparticles along with various herbal extracts derived from Indian ancient ayurvedic references for the following range of products :



    Distending the eyelid region

    Relaxing muscles

    Eliminating signs of sleepless nights

Medical Applications
(Chronic wounds healing)

Hydrogels reduce infections in chronic wounds and aid in wound healing .

Hydrogels reduce healing time

Hydrogels patches and band aids are both sterile and antibiotic .

Kadamba's hydrogels reduce hospital stays and ensure full recovery from chronic wounds .

Kadamba's hydrogels aid in pain mitigation .

Kadamba's hydrogels serve as barriers for microoraganism to avoid external contamination .

Kadamba's hydrogels unleash antibiotic and wound healing characteristics for chronic and burn wounds .

Saving time and patient suffering .

Microorganism barrier to avoid external contamination .

Capability for encapsulate large amount of antibiotics and nanoparticles .

Ayurvedic Origin Hydroxybutyrate Glyceride (HBG)
As a Panacea for Human Health and For Protecting From Many

The vast majority (over 90%) of Ayurveda medicines are derived from plants: from roots, leaves, fruits, bark, or seeds. These plants, are the foundations of Ayurveda for treating numerous illnesses, diseases and disorders. Following the Ayurveda tradition, we Kadamba and TECTON Company from USA, have developed R-3-Hydroxybutyrate Glyceride (HBG) following strict green principles. The source of HBG is plant fibres and comprises of 100% natural origin. Kadamba, in association with TECTON company, have performed extensive research and development work to demonstrate that, in the human body, HBG is oxidized to acetoacetate (AcAc) in a reaction catalysed by 3-HB dehydrogenase enzyme. This is followed by Ketolysis step, wherein, another enzyme succinyl-CoA-3-keto CoA transferase (SCOT) converts AcAc and succinyl-CoA into AcAc-CoA and succinate. In a subsequent enzymatic step in the body, AcAc-CoA is cleaved by acetyl-CoA transferase to form two acetyl-CoA molecules that can enter the Krebs cycle—as a source of energy to the human body. Therefore, human beings who consume Kadamba HBG gain an unprecedented advantage of transforming their body metabolism to produce energy without the use of sugar. It is important to recognize that metabolism of sugar in the human body produces ATP as the energy source. However, sugar consumption results in numerous health complications of which diabetes being the main health concern throughout the world—particularly in India. HBG—from natural origin, is also called as Ketone due to the ketonic chemical structure. Because we have produced HBG through 100% plant origin, this product, therefore, qualifies to be classified as an 100% natural beverage from Ayurvedic principles. Our HBG (AHBG) provides energy to the human body through a non-sugar (non-glycolysis) pathway. Therefore, (AHBG) predisposes human body to control and completely treat type-2 diabetes, be less prone to obesity, tumours and various other diseases.

    Natural HBG As a Panacea for Many Diseases

    We live in an era where lots of excitement is being shown in prescribing foods in-lieu of conventional medicines for treating diseases and keeping human population healthy eternally. We are far from reality in achieving this dream. In this context, ketone bodies from AHBG—which comprise of acetoacetate (AcAc), β-hydroxybutyric acid (BHB) and related acetone architectures—present realistic potential in predisposing human bodies to achieve various healthy attributes including resistance to obesity, type-2 diabetes and even various forms of cancers. This all sounds like a fairy-tale or akin to transforming humans into insect or disease resistant crops through genetic engineering. When we delve deep into the science of ketone bodies derived from AHBG, the scales tilt more toward realism than myth that ketone diets, ketone drinks and ketone-based foods, if properly developed and administered, can help human population to be healthy for sustainable periods. AHBG consumption results in a metabolic pathway referred to as Ketogenesis serving as an alternative source of energy for the body for use in heart, brain and muscle. Quantitatively, they produce 2 guanosine triphosphate (GTP) and 22 adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules per acetoacetate molecule when oxidized in the mitochondria. This is the scientific basis that human bodies can function normally without consuming any sugars as long as there are reliable sources of AHBG either through diet either thought food or beverages.

    AHBG Controls Obesity

    • Obesity, which is often referred to as a global pandemic, has already reached epidemic proportions causing numerous life threatening cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and disorders including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidaemia, also various forms of neoplastic diseases (cancers).

    • Despite recommendations by medical practitioners constantly advising on the importance of weight control through regular exercise and managing healthy diet, a vast majority of global population has failed in controlling inactive lifestyles and consumption of unhealthy high caloric intake.

    • However, what might really work for everyone would be daily consumption of natural AHBG ketone products, either as a drink or mixed with fruits or in the form of a chocolate or in forms that would not change the lifestyles at all.

    • Kadamba and TECTON-USA, have come up with this genius of an Ayurvedic product in the form of AHBG Ketone as functional beverages, energy bars, chocolates and as pre-mixes to prepare various tasty Indian foods.

    Functional beverages, and various foods from the Ayurvedic-origin AHBG are poised to transform global food and beverage industry, making the unmet and the most urgent human need—'Food for Health’—a reality.

Kadamba Functional Food and Beverages

Kadamba’s core research for over a quarter of a century has been on working on this gap between medicine and food. With our patented green nanotechnology solutions, we are successful in encapsulating nutrients in food and developing functional foods with stabilised value of natural ingredients bringing with it excellence in target-based wellness solutions and overall adaptogenic effects.

Kadamba Functional Foods and Functional Beverages are scientifically designed adaptogenic foods which offer comprehensive nutritional value and upon regular consumption offer benefits of enhanced wellness. Whole food ingredients naturally offer specific health benefits. Using Green Nanoscience Technology, Kadamba encapsulates biomolecules in the food matrix thus creating enhanced nutrition availability at the cellular level.Foods and Beverages to support wholistic medical treatment are also in our purview to support improved effect of Ayurvedic Treatments and other Eastern Medicine Treatments.


Nano-Ayurveda is a holistic medical modality developed using combination of highly advanced green nanotechnology and Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda.

Kadamba is also working on comprehensive phytomedicines using Green Nanoscience using all natural core ingredients with ancient knowledge of Tibetan and Ancient Eastern Medicine too.

Kadamba produces nanoparticles adhering to strict Ayurvedic principles.

“Nano-Ayurvedic Medicine” is Approved by the US Patents and Trademarks office, that can create a new generation medical modality in treatment protocols.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine approaches are highly advanced and are bringing about paradigm new knowledge in modern drug discovery.

Nano ayurveda modality embraces evidence-based approaches for universal acceptability.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is made by transforming various herbs into nanoparticles to make them more bioavailable and effective.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is more effective than any traditional herbal medicine system.

Kadamba’s green nano particles, encapsulated with phyto-ingredients penetrate deep into the tissues and body cells, which allows for a faster and more effective response.

According to detailed toxicological studies, Nano Ayurvedic medicine is completely safe and has no side effects and they are safe to the human body.

Nano ayurvedic medicines are formulated in various forms, such as concoctions, capsules, tablets, and powders.

Nano ayurvedic medicines can be used to treat conditions such as Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes,hypertension, improve mental health, and reduce stress, anxiety and brain related disorders.