Nano Technology

Nanotechnology is science, engineering, and technology conducted at the nanoscale. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on a near-atomic scale to produce new structures, materials and devices. The technology promises scientific advancement in many sectors such as medicine, consumer products, energy, materials and manufacturing

Various Nano synthesisations

There are several methods for creating nanoparticles, including coprecipitation, hydrothermal synthesis, inert gas condensation, ion sputtering scattering, microemulsion, microwave, pulse laser ablation, sol-gel, sono-chemical, spark discharge, and template synthesis. But Kadamba has developed our own unique way of green nano synthetic technology, called as “Green Nano Technology”

Green Nano Technology

Antioxidant plant-extracts can be used as reservoirs of electrons for the creation of nanoparticles is called as “Green Nano Technology”.

It creates tiny nano-scopic particles (10 -9 n-meters) encapsulated with cocktails of phytochemicals. It is the new age and advanced way of synthesizing modality of producing green nano particles

Advantages of green synthesis

  • The green synthetic routes are environment friendly, nontoxic, robust, and easy to manage.
  • Both physical and chemical approaches take a lot of energy and they use dangerous and highly health hazardous chemicals.
  • Green Nanotechnology eliminates toxic waste, reduce energy consumption.

Importance of Green Nano Technology

The world Health Organization (WHO) has forecast that over 85% of the global population will seek one or the other type of holistic approaches for health care needs. Therefore, there is an increased emphasis in developing future medical, hygiene and food products using holistic approaches. Plant based green nanotechnology processes are at the focal point of Green Nanotechnology discoveries from Kadamba R&D laboratories.

It has been estimated that over 85% of all future chemical, materials, drugs and pharmaceutical processes will utilize one or the other form of Green Nanotechnology in their production and formulation processes.

The economic impacts of Green Nanotechnology are huge because such nanomaterials embedded in a plethora of products with a wide spectrum of applications including medicine, hygiene, smart foods, automotive, alternate energy, tele-communications, environmental restoration, defence products.

Green Nano technological products within the health, hygiene and ‘Smart Food’ sectors will pave way for the next generation of holistic medicine, food and overall health care products.

Kadamba & its team of interdisciplinary scientists have created innovative Green Nanotechnology approaches for the development of health and hygiene products for global needs.

Several of these technologies are currently available for prospective investors and industrial corporations.

Science and Uses of Green Nanotechnology

As the nanotechnology revolution unfolds to unleash its power on our day to day lives, the environmental impacts of various nano technological production processes and finished products that are embedded with a wide spectrum of nanoparticles must be addressed right at the time of inception. Green Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary rapidly developing knowledge base at the interface of chemistry, physics, medical, engineering and biological fields. Green Nano technological processes and products will help the global corporate sectors because of their applications in the design of new products that are made from more eco-friendly materials including plants, crops, various phytochemicals and Phyto-constructs, using processes that use less energy and generate less waste throughout the product lifecycle.

There is spawning fundamental and mission-oriented research, in both academia and industry globally, toward applications of 100% ‘Green’ Nanotechnologies for the design and development of nanoparticles which in turn make their way into the design and development of ‘Smart Foods’, lifesaving nano- pharmaceuticals, and hygiene related applications.

The sound economic models for hefty profits for the industrial corporations and prospective investors and their ability to perpetuate future Green Nanotechnologies have created great niche for policy makers for future industrial and technological expansions.

Scope of technology

Nano Nutraceuticals
Functional food & beverages
Beauty Nutrition
Old age nutrition
Child nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Medical dietary supplements
Natural preservatives

Ayurvedic Anti-biotics
Ayush Ahaar
Smart Anti-Oxidants
Immuno-modulatory Solutions
Ayush Beverages
Many more…

Green anti-oxidants
Solutions for Anti- Infectious diseases
Cancer theragnostics
Parasitic diseases
Immunomodulatory activation
Macrophage activation

Anti-aging products
Skin care products
Anti-Acne products
Anti- Dandruff Products
Hair care products
Anti-bacterial shampoos & Soaps
Rejuvenating Face Masks

Hand Sanitizers
Mouth wash
Mouth spray
Women care products

Textile Disinfectant
Air Disinfectants
Floor cleaner
Hospital Disinfectant
Anti-bacterial Adhesives

Medical textiles
Sports Textiles
Advanced Sanitary pads
Anti-Bacterial Socks / Gloves
Anti-Bacterial inner wears

Smart & Green Pesticides
Nano encapsulated Fertilizers
Nano micro nutrients
Nano growth promoters

Specialty of Kadamba Green Nano Technology


Advanced technology innovations from internationally reputed nano experts.

Cutting edge innovations.

Standardized Reproducibility.

Quality Assured Nano Particles with defined specifications.

Product properties defined as per final requirement.

Encapsulated with various Phyto chemicals.

Enhanced stability and robust shelf-life.

Scalability with no limitation in production capacity.


Kadamba Technology Other Technologies
100% Biocompatible nanoparticles Not bio compatible
100% Natural Product Chemically synthesized
100% Water-soluble Not soluble in water
100% Non-Toxic Most of the Products are highly Toxic
100% Carbon free production Emits toxic substances during production
Scalability, No limitation Scalability to any extent yet to be proved
Green antioxidant Almost all the antioxidants are chemical molecules
100% Gluten Free Not mentioned

Hydrogel Technology

Hydrogels are three-dimensional networks of polymer chains that swell, but don't dissolve (in the short term), in water. The development of Hydrogels began over 60 years ago as specific materials for biomedical applications. Their swelling properties are due to the high thermodynamical affinity that this class of materials has for water. These polymeric networks reach equilibrium with water for shape and mechanical strength. Changes in the concentration, structure and/or functionality of the monomer and/or cross-linked used in such gels can change the structure. Indeed, many new gel-form materials, with a plethora of aims were developed and tested in different fields of engineering (e.g., environmental, electronics, biomedical), biotechnology and other disciplines.

The Novel Kadamba Hydrogel Technology

Kadamba Hydrogel Technology is a revolutionary concept of converting water into gel by using various Phyto materials and other materials of natural origin with the holistic intervention of green nano technology. For many of the industrial applications such as, cosmetic, wound care and biomedical engineering, there are some specific characteristics of product and production process required. Kadamba has it developed this comprehensive technology reaching a wide scope of applications in life sciences. Kadamba has developed this cutting-edge Hydrogel technology in association with globally renowned scientists from various research organizations.

Kadamba’s distinctive scope of excellence:

Kadamba hydrogel comprises of 95% water

100% bio-compatible and bio-degradable for comprehensive application in Life Sciences.

The formulation of Kadamba Hydrogel is the combination of the green nano science and advanced gel structure formation using natural ingredients with water.

Customized for subjective usages such as health care and cosmetics

It’s very soft and pliable but strong to allow easy manipulation

Modulated to allow fast release of nanoparticles

Kadamba Hydrogel comprises of 95% water


The hydrogel most desirable characteristics for the cosmetic industry are efficacy and safety both. Efficacy is achieved by the high-water content and release of gold and silver nanoparticles dispersion imbibed with various herbal extracts derived from Indian ancient ayurvedic references for these range of products. Such as…




    Distending the eyelid region

    Relaxing muscles

    Eliminating signs of sleepless nights

Post-cosmetic applications

Laser full-field procedures

This procedure removes the top layer of the skin as the laser penetrates deep into the dermis. The treatment depth is determined by the wavelength;

Tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is performed using full field lasers that break down the ink particles in the skin.

Chemical peel

The top layers of the skin (epidermis down to the dermal level) are removed to stimulate the cell metabolism and induce new collagen and elastin growth.

Cosmetic surgery

All forms of minor or major cosmetic surgery e.g., blepharoplasty, lifts, rhinoplasty, cheek or chin implants, breast augmentation or reduction, abdominoplasty etc.

Medical Applications

  • Chronic wounds healing

    When the chronic wounds healing process in is disrupted, secondary intention healing often has a high risk of infection.

  • The capability of reducing healing time

    Reduce hospital stay

    Proven effective sterilization in long time

    Reduce nursing overload with the lower possible cost

    Special characteristics of pliability and softness for effective pain mitigation

    Saving time and patient suffering

    Microorganism barrier to avoid external contamination

    Capability for encapsulate large amount of antibiotics and nanoparticles

Post-cosmetic applications



Mohs surgery

Caesarean section

Usages in Damaged skin barrier (Acute physical injuries) such as..






Serious burn injuries

Deep burns involving the epidermis and extending to the reticular layer of the dermis.

Electrodessication and curettage

Medical procedure for the treatment of skin defects as well as pre-cancers and pre-cancerous lesions.

Ketone Technology

Ketone produced in the human body in a normal physiological process. Ketones are organic compounds that are produced in the liver from fatty acids, which plays an important role in metabolism. When the body does not have enough glucose to meet its energy needs, it begins to break down fats to produce ketones, which can serve as an alternative fuel source for the brain and other tissues when glucose is not available. It is called ketogenesis. This is the basis for the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet, is basically a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that induces ketogenesis to promote weight loss and improve metabolic health.

There are three types of ketones produced in the human body

Acetoacetate is the primary ketone produced during ketosis, while beta-hydroxybutyrate is the ketone that is most commonly measured in the blood as an indicator of ketone production.

Ketone is an organic molecule with a wide range of applications in Medicine and Health care industries due to their unique characteristics. The use of ketones in the medical industry is a growing area of research and has the potential to offer new treatments. such as…

Therapeutic use in epilepsy: In many cases the results shown to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures in patients with epilepsy. And can help stabilize brain activity.

Treatment of neurological disorders: Ketone has been studied as a potential treatment for a variety of neurological disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and traumatic brain injury. The ketone has been shown to have neuroprotective effects and may improve brain function in these conditions.

Weight loss: Ketone has been shown to be an effective weight loss agent for some individuals.

Sports performance: Some athletes use ketone, to improve endurance and performance, as ketone can provide an alternative source of energy to glucose during exercise.

Kadamba produces the same Ketone, with the association of Tecton company from USA. And the technology is patented in USA, India and worldwide.

    What is Ketone

  • Ketones are a revolutionary fuel cells, created by nature, when you need it most.
  • Ketones are short chain fatty acids produced in the liver
  • When the body experiences starvation, liver starts producing Ketone molecules

Power Synthesization in human body

What is Glycolysis?

  • Naturally human body process energy by using Glucose cells. It’s called Glycolysis


What is Ketolysis?

  • When the body is deprived of glucose, the liver breaks down the body fat in to energy. That’s called Ketolysis


    What Triggers Ketogenesis?

  • When we endured extreme physical effort or starvation, we needed a superior source of energy. This is when our livers burn fat to produce ketone.

What is the benefit of Ketone

  • Ketones utilize oxygen more efficiently in the generation of cellular energy (ATP)
  • This helps with added endurance, muscle recovery and cognitive health.

    Kadamba & Ketone

  • Kadamba works in collaboration for the technology of producing exogenous Ketone with “Tecton” company in USA.
  • Kadamba produces ketone and ketone products for Tecton-USA

What are types of ketone productions?

    Endogenous ketones

  • Endogenous ketones produced internally in our body naturally
  • Exogenous ketones

  • Exogenous ketones are produced outside the body usually through a chemical process.
  • Kadamba Ketones are Exogenous ketones

    How Kadamba-Tecton produce Ketones?

  • Kadamba-Tecton produces Ketone through a natural enzymatic process.

    Speciality of Kadamba-Tecton Ketone

  • Kadamba-Tecton ketones are nature identical. It is the same molecular structure as the ketones produced endogenously (naturally by our livers).

    Deference between Kadamba-Tecton Ketone Molecule and other alternatives?

  • There are no alternative products for ketone in the market. But there are two types of Keto-diet are mentioned
  • There two types of kito-diets mentioned
  1. Ketone salts
  2. High-fat diet

Kadamba-Tecton Products Keto diet products
Naurally sinthesized nature identical molecule Chemically synthsized Salt drinks and high-fat diet/td>
Directly provides Ketone energy cells Indirectly support the ketolysis. Do not provide enough ketone bodies for therapeutic benifit
Produced through a natural enzymatic process Ketone salt drinks are not naturally processed
There is no harm in drinking more than the recommended amount Toxicity study showed no issue even at 200 times m Consuming higher sodium or high-fat food many times is very harmfull
No negative side effects Bad breath, Low bone density, Kidney stones and many
Does not increase oxidative stress or create free radicals. Dehydration causes inactivating antioxidant enzymes creating free radicals
Increases cognition, focus, and concentration and good sleep Causes insomnia and depression

Kadamba Functional Food and Beverages

Kadamba’s core research for over a quarter of a century has been on working on this gap between medicine and food. With our patented green nanotechnology solutions, we are successful in encapsulating nutrients in food and developing functional foods with stabilised value of natural ingredients bringing with it excellence in target-based wellness solutions and overall adaptogenic effects.

Kadamba’s core research for over a quarter of a century has been on working on this gap between medicine and food. With our patented green nanotechnology solutions, we are successful in encapsulating nutrients in food and developing functional foods with stabilised value of natural ingredients bringing with it excellence in target-based wellness solutions and overall adaptogenic effects.

Kadamba Functional Foods and Functional Beverages are scientifically designed adaptogenic foods which offer comprehensive nutritional value and upon regular consumption offer benefits of enhanced wellness. Whole food ingredients naturally offer specific health benefits. Using Green Nanoscience Technology, Kadamba encapsulates biomolecules in the food matrix thus creating enhanced nutrition availability at the cellular level. Foods and Beverages to support wholistic medical treatment are also in our purview to support improved effect of Ayurvedic Treatments and other Eastern Medicine Treatments. .


Nano-Ayurveda is a holistic modality of combination of highly advanced green nano technology and traditional Indian ayurvedic system.

Kadamba has embarked on the development of a new generation products using Green Nanotechnology coupled with the Indian traditional knowledge of Ayurveda.

Moreover, Kadamba also working on comprehensive phytomedicines using Green Nanoscience using all natural core ingredients with ancient knowledge of Tibetan Medicine and Ancient Eastern Medicine too.

Innovative green nanotechnology approach to produce nanoparticles adhering to strict Ayurvedic principles. Kadamba has coined a new term referred as “Nano-Ayurvedic Medicine” (Approved by the US Patents and Trademarks office) that can create a new generation medical modality in treatment protocols. Here we employ 100% bio compatible tiny (10 -9 meters) nano-scopic particles. It is encapsulated with various phyto-molecules which are being used in traditional ayurvedic system.

As part of our continued quest to develop scientific rationale for Ayurvedic medicine, we have been performing cutting edge research for over three decades on the application of green nanotechnology to develop universally acceptable Ayurvedic formulations, with reliable curative effects in many chronic conditions.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is highly advanced and mile stone research in modern drug discovery history. It’s a best alternative for many allopathic medicines and make the use of traditional Ayurvedic medicine very effective.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is made by breaking down the herbs into nanoparticles, which makes them more bioavailable and effective. These herbs are carefully selected and processed to ensure that they are of the highest quality. The herbs are then broken down into nanoparticles using green nanotechnology. This process increases the surface area of the herbs, which allows for better absorption by the body.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is more effective than any traditional herbal medicine system. The nanoparticles encapsulated with phyto-ingredients in this medicine penetrate deep into the tissues and body cells, which allows for a faster and more effective response. This means that Nano Ayurvedic medicine can be used to treat a variety of health conditions, including many chronic diseases.

According to various toxicological studies, Nano Ayurvedic medicine is completely safe and has no side effects. This is because the nanoparticles we (Kadamba) use are non-toxic and do not harm the body in any way.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is easy to use. It comes in various forms, such as concoctions, capsules, tablets, and powders, which makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine. The recommended dosage of Nano Ayurvedic medicine varies depending on the condition being treated, so it is important to follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider.

Nano Ayurvedic medicine is effective for a variety of health conditions. It can be used to treat conditions such as Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, Hypertension, and digestive disorders. It can also be used to boost immunity, improve mental health, and reduce stress, anxiety and many brain related disorders.