With over 20 years of experience, India based Research and Development organization (Kadamba), has developed highly advanced Green Nanotechnology and various disruptive innovations in Nano-Phytomedicines , Nano Cosmetics , Functional Foods , Solutions for Sustainable Green Energy , and a myriad of highly sophasticated products.


Our technology approach encompasses natures wisdom to bring about a paradigm shift toward the creation of completely green products. Our philosophy is built around the total elimination of toxic chemicals and toxic waste in the processing and manufacture of products.Our vision is steadfast in achieving 100% green processes in all our technological domains.


Our mission embraces 'Great Indian Traditional Knowledge' to make our life naturally sustainable and developing “Carbon Negative” foot prints using green nano technology


Gold Nano Particles

Silver Nano Particles

Palladium Nano Particles

Graphene Nano Particles

Iron Nano Particles

Copper Nano Particles