About Us

About Us

The Kadamba advanced green nano technology company was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Kadamba is a globally pioneering company which has been the very first to embrace the highly sophisticated advanced science of scaling up and producing products using Green Nanotechnology. This innovative science has been developed in association with the University of Missouri, USA with globally renowned collaborators.

Green Nano technology ushers a paradigm advantage in many industries to improve the world in which we live without using any harmful chemicals and without any toxic industrial emissions. Our ongoing research and development efforts is rapidly creating futuristic phytomedicines, health, hygiene, cosmetic, functional food products & beverages and core elements for sustainable green energy production using natural and environment friendly approaches.

Global trends within the biomedical, food and energy sectors are changing rapidly as the world population is becoming aware of the severe systemic toxic side effects of using chemicals. Kadamba’s Green Nano products and processes are rapidly receiving an increase in demand from across the world in supporting responsible production of products for global consumption.

Patented technology

All the technologies have been patented by University of Missouri-USA and Exclusively licensed for Kadamba.